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New to Medicare

Action steps to take if you are new to Medicare
1. Set-up a Medicare Supplement or Medigap Plan
2. Apply for Medicare parts A & B (part A usually starts when you sign up for Social Security)
3. Set-up your part D Prescription drug plan

4 Parts to Medicare
Part A – Hospitalization – everything in the hospital admission
Part B – Everything outside the hospital: doctors visits, outpatient procedures, X-rays, etc.
Part C – Medicare advantage – this is a private company that you will sign-up with instead of using original Medicare. They MUST cover at least what original Medicare covers. Most have out-of-pocket annual limits of up to $6,700. You must stay within the network.
Part D – This is your prescription drug plan. These companies are regulated by the centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. You must sign-up for a prescription drug plan unless you have creditable coverage from another source. Failure to do so will result in penalties from Medicare later on if you decide to add a prescription drug plan.